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He made available Audrey a job with the Haven Police in return for aiding her learn about the Colorado Child murder plus the identification of the woman in the picture. It is later on disclosed that he's Nathan's adoptive father, who took Nathan in soon after his true father, Max Hansen, was investigated for the murder from the Colorado Child.

With Mara as his prisoner and The Guard searching their whereabouts, Nathan flees to a top secret hideout exactly where he attempts to uncover Audrey's temperament buried within Mara. Duke and Dwight will have to fight a fiery new problems that threatens to ignite the city. Duke struggles to manage his thoughts while he grieves for Jennifer, but It appears he is a stress cooker of difficulties...

I would also consider that Vince and Dave created provisions for their revenue in case something took place, specified the Threat Haven offered. It will probably visit Dwight or Nathan or get donated into the city. one Reply

There's practically nothing while in the pilot of "Haven" that makes me wanting to crawl down the rabbit gap of yet another tiny town secret with supernatural overtones.

The Colorado Child is a personality who's stated but won't show up until a flashback inside the middle of season 3. He disappeared and may are already murdered in 1983 during the previous outbreak from the Difficulties, nevertheless no-just one in Haven can keep in mind everything regarding the function. In truth the proof box held at the police station, while sealed when examined, contained nothing at all.

eaudra1 Jan 01, 2016 I believe it had been implied. And there was some interview with the producers of Haven pertaining to finale, exactly where they've clarified a few of finale queries, say similar to this just one

The conversation amongst Invoice Shatner and Vince tends to make total sense provided all of that. Audrey won't be able to depart as herself but she can return to Haven with another list of memories, much like Mara did.

Audrey attempts to delve deeper into the Colorado Kid mystery with the help of Duke. In the meantime, a series of explosions/fire related incidents take the life of many of the townsfolk, which prospects Nathan and Audrey to imagine a school counselor is connected to the situations.

He gets damage and so does she. How? Can't be a problems they have been immune. She experienced nothing like that with any individual else from her planet.

Did the producers reply every question lifted in the last 5 years? In all probability not. Specified the significantly convoluted backstory they saved introducing... and introducing... and adding much like the Energizer Bunny, possibly not.

Duke's entire body could explode from the Problems within, and Nathan struggles to concentrate plenty of to release him. To save him and Duke, they may have to reunite the brothers and also have them undo their overall body-switching Hassle.

Nathan blames Duke for triggering the return of his Problems mainly because Major Crimes dvd release it reemerged in the course of a struggle in between the two of more info them. Due to their previous, Nathan and Duke resent each other, although their mutual interest in Audrey's well-remaining has aided to boost their marriage.

And did we actually need "Paige"? I get that the point is the fact that Audrey and Nathan are soul mates and all, but why trouble with "Paige" and not just ship Audrey out?

In the calendar year 2046, it's a new Earth - with new procedures. In excess of 30 years after several alien races arrived on Earth, the landscape is completely altered, terraformed approximately outside of recognition... See entire summary »

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